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We are a team of AI researchers and engineers on a mission to build AI systems that can help humanity understand the world better. We are driven by ambitious goals, fast execution, and a strong sense of urgency. Join us if you want to shape the next generation of AI models and products.


We are currently hiring in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we have offices in downtown San Francisco and in Palo Alto. Although we prefer to work in person, we offer remote work opportunities for exceptional candidates.

Compute resources

One of the key factors that can limit progress in AI research in any organization is insufficient compute resources relative to the size of the problem or the size of the team. We have access to large amounts of compute resources


We use a number of technologies to build our in-house training and inference stack. We are particularly looking for candidates who have prior experience with any of the following technologies.


All our backend services and all our data processing is implemented in Rust. We are big fans of the language and believe it's the optimal choice for efficient, safe, and scalable applications. It also offers effortless interoperability with Python.


Our neural networks are implemented in JAX, and we have a number of custom XLA operations to improve their efficiency.

Triton & CUDA

Running our large neural networks at scale while maximizing compute efficiency is paramount if we want to make optimal use of our compute resources. Hence, we regularly write bespoke kernels either in Triton or in raw C++ CUDA.

TypeScript, React & Angular

Our frontend code is written exclusively in TypeScript using either React or Angular. Backend communication is facilitated by gRPC-web APIs for type safety.


We offer the following employee benefits:

  • Competitive cash and equity-based compensation
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off subject to prior approval
  • Visa sponsorship for new hires

Open roles

We are always looking to hire the best people in the field. Apply using the links below if you are interested.

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